Business Intelligence & Data warehousing

We understand that Business Intelligence (BI) is a key strategic business driver in today’s global marketplace. Our expertise in BI and data warehousing help businesses integrate, analyze, and generate reports resulting in better decision making, improved customer loyalty, and increased profitability.

Our BI team has expert business analysts, data analysts, ETL developers, data architects, database developers, project managers, reporting analysts and data quality engineers.

Our Master Data Management solution provides processes for collecting, harmonizing, aggregating, matching, consolidating, persisting, and distributing such data throughout an organization to ensure consistency and control in the ongoing maintenance of this information.


Accessible information - The design of a data warehouse and the tools used to access the data should make the data understandable. Users should be able to navigate through data to find an answer to a business question, beginning with a summarized level and drilling down through increasing levels of detail.

Consistent information -– Users should be able to add or compare similar information from one product group or division to another.

Adaptability - Users should be able to easily request information from the data warehouse. Data should be able to be added to a Mart or Warehouse without disrupting or changing existing data.

Foundation for decision making –- Users should be able to base business decisions on reports and queries from the Data Mart or Data Warehouse.

Catalyst for harmonized data – Cross reference tables used in loading data into the Data Warehouse and Data Marts can be utilized by other applications to transform and standardize data from divisional source systems.

Our Data warehouse and BI Services:
Data acquisition
Data acquisition
Source Databases
Data Cleanup
Data Extraction
Enterprise DW
Enterprise DW
Design Data Warehouse & Data Marts
Metadata Management
Data Warehouse Administration
BI Reports
BI Reports
Executive Dashboards
Interactive Reports
Web-based Reports
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