Product Engineering Services

Empress InfoTech has many years of experience in providing end-to-end software product engineering services starting from the initial concept design, innovations, and enhancements to ongoing maintenance. We have also assisted customers on single modules and tasks.

We offer the following product engineering services:

Product Innovation

Concept Design

We help customers to create an ideal product design from the idea stage. We use the right design concepts to focus on compatibility, extensibility, reusability, performance and security.


We provide a fast, high-quality, and low cost method of prototyping for the implementation of innovative concepts before the launch of the final product. It creates a preview of the proposed system in front of customers for ensuring and improving the quality of the product.


We develop our innovative ideas with Agile principles and practices to deliver faster, higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs more rapidly. We follow Scrum, the Agile methodology to create incremental, iterative development processes based on project and client needs. At the end of each sprint, a working software increment is produced. A review meeting is conducted and the completed work is presented to assess the accomplishment of sprint goals. Our methodology is based on transparent communication with clients during each of the frequent releases of the working software.

Product Implementation

With our in depth product knowledge together with advanced functional knowledge, Empress InfoTech’s team collaborates with our customer project teams to analyze their existing systems, policies and procedures in connection with the business objective in order to optimize configurations to manage product implementations successfully.


Product maintenance and support is an essential part of servicing an organization's end customers, but it is usually considered non-critical or non-strategic to a product company'’s core business. We provide separate team members dedicated to handle different levels of product support.

Our methodologies, processes, personnel, and technical expertise in product maintenance and support enhance the value of products. Our maintenance services begins with corrective maintenance, evolving to adaptive, preventive, and perfective maintenance.

Methodologies and processes:

System study, knowledge transfer and setting up of a test environment.
Effective assignment of requests and issues to the technical team.
Prioritization and proper issue tracking.
Immediate work around resolutions.
Impact analysis and quality assurance.
Root cause analysis and preventive maintenance.

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